Over 33 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. For your loved one, moments lost from the inability to hear is frustrating. Usually, hearing loss does not happen overnight, but rather gradually. This makes makes it difficult for you and them to realize there is a problem.

Signs of Hearing Loss

  • Do they misunderstand conversations, especially in crowded places?
  • Do they turn the television or radio up so loud that it disturbs others?
  • Do they favor one ear over the other?
  • Do they feel that people speak too softly or mumble?
  • Do they ask people to repeat what they said more than they should?
  • Do they have trouble understanding phone conversations?
  • Do they not hear the doorbell, telephone or the turn signal in a car?
  • Do they complain about ringing or buzzing in the ears?
  • What Causes Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can be caused by noise, aging, disease, certain medications, circulation problems and heredity. It is the most common condition affecting older adults: 30% of adults 65-74 and 47% of adults 75 years and older have a hearing impairment. And, men are more likely to experience hearing loss than women. Hearing loss can range from a mild loss, in which a person misses certain high-pitched sounds, to a total loss of hearing.

Why Don’t People Seek Help?

There are many reasons people don’t seek out a hearing loss specialist: pride embarrassment, resentment, fear, or frustration. Older people who can’t hear well may become depressed or withdraw from others. Sometimes they are mistakenly thought to be confused and uncooperative just because they can’t hear. They may also have trouble understanding a doctor’s advice or hearing an alarm.

How Can You Help?

There are many advancements in the treatment of hearing loss from many types of hearing aids to assistive listening devices designed for the patient’s lifestyle. And, more research is underway. The best thing you can do is convince your loved one to have a hearing test and seek a health professional to administer it.

Audiology Concierge at Family Medicine Associates

Audiologist Nancy Jablonski
An Audiologist is a health professional who can identify and measure hearing loss. Audiology Concierge is a hearing care practice dedicated to private and personalized service to navigate you and your loved ones through the process of hearing evaluations, diagnosis, selection and fitting of custom hearing solutions to live more fulfilling and independent lives.

Nancy Jablonski and her staff of Masters and Doctorate Degreed Audiologists have years of experience supporting those struggling with hearing complications.

Audiology Concierge provides:

  • Screenings and evaluation
  • Product options and selection
  • Hearing aid prescriptions and fittings
  • On-going maintenance
  • Production upgrades
  • Connection to television systems and amplified phones
  • Education and counseling for you and your family
  • Hearing solutions for local community theaters, courtrooms and libraries
  • Consulting services for schools, nursing homes and healthcare professionals

Family Medicine of Old Saybrook is delighted to host her clinics once at week in our offices at 1250 Boston Post Road, Old Saybrook. If you would like to read more about Audiology Concierge, please visit their website at audiologyconcierge.com, or call 203.668.0619.


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