HOliday Food Temptation Strategies


Holiday Diet Survival Tips

Starting with Thanksgiving next week and continuing all through the winter months until Valentine’s day, Americans will gain between 1 and 10 pounds. Temptation is everywhere: holiday parties, the office, at the homes with friends and entertaining in your own home. Add the cold winter months with cravings of warm and comforting foods, and temptation is hard to escape.

Holiday festivities traditionally revolve around food and the pressure to overindulge can throw any well-intentioned dieter into a tailspin. There are some basic skills that can tame your temptations while still enjoying the season.

Keep a sharper eye on your goal in order to make these wise choices:

  • Select smaller portions of those irresistible goodies.
  • Be aware of unconscious urges to taste everything that’s set before you.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption.
  • If you’re baking, resist the urge to sample your wares, and pack up and deliver your food gifts as soon as you can.
  • Don’t go to a holiday party on empty. Have something light to eat first so you are less hungry and less inclined to overeat.
  • Dress right for the cooler weather and stick to your normal eating regimen. Don’t slip into patterns of overeating and bulking up on carbs as a way to stay warm during the winter.

Remember that the holidays are about family and friends – not food. Keep your focus on the meaning behind the festivities and enjoy the season!

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