college cell phone use“Avid Cellphone Use by College Kids Tied to Anxiety, Lower Grades.”
Gray, Barbara B., HealthDay Mobile. N.p., 12 Dec. 2013. Web. 23 Dec. 2013.
Do you check your cell phone several times per hour?
If your phone dies and you are not near a cell phone charger do you feel as though you’ve gone off the grid?

You’re not alone. A new study suggests that college cell phone use for students who are “high-frequency cell phone users” report higher levels of anxiety, less satisfaction with life, and lower grades than peers who use their cell phones less frequently. However, researchers said the results may apply to people of all ages who have grown accustomed to using cell phones regularly, day and night.

What causes this anxiety? When you are constantly in contact with a social network that can expand over 1,000 people, you know what everyone is doing at all times. If some of your friends go out to dinner and don’t invite you – you will know about it by seeing photos from the gathering on your Facebook or Instagram Newsfeed. Are you addicted to games on your phone, to the point where you can sit down and play for 3 hours without moving from the couch? Those 3 hours could have been spent exercising or studying, but were wasted playing games.

On average, students in a study reported spending 279 minutes per day, almost 5 hours, using their cell phones. The more time people spend on their cell phones, the less time they have to engage in other stress reducers, such as getting exercise, being alone, and having time to think, talking with a friend face to face, and engaging in other activities people truly enjoy.

What are some ways you can help yourself spend less time on your phone?

The easiest thing to do is to delete the Apps you find yourself spending all of your time on, whether it is a game or a social media outlet. Although it will be hard at first, you will eventually get used to not having it accessible at all times, and you will eventually forget about it. Instead of sitting down on your couch to play Candy Crush, find a friend to go on a walk with to get some exercise and share in-person experiences. Do you find that you read Facebook on your commute to work in the morning? Replace your Facebook Newsfeed with a good book and you’ll find the time will pass more quickly.


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