Need to spark your creativity? A new study found that a brief stroll, whether it be around your office or outside at a park, can significantly increase creativity. Although this idea has been purported by people for hundreds, if not thousands of years, little science has supported the idea that exercise aids creativity, until now. Walking exercise increases creativity?

Inspired by their own creative processes, researchers at Stamford University conducted a study to determine if exercise truly does spark creativity. The results of the study showed that participants’ creativity increased substantially when the students walked, rather than when they were sedentary. Although it is easy to assume that walking outdoors is better than walking inside, this theory was also proven incorrect. According to the study, it’s not where you walk, but rather the effect exerting physical energy when you walk, that promotes creativity.

Exactly how a brief, casual stroll alters the various mental processes related to creativity still remains unclear. One theorist believes that walking may divert energy that otherwise would be devoted, intentionally or not, to hindering creative thought. Another idea is that walking improves mood, which may promote creativity.

The next time you’ve hit a creative wall, step away from your desk, and take the necessary steps to improve your creativity!

Article Courtesy of Gretchen Reynolds
New York Times/Well Section
April 30, 2014
Want to Be More Creative? Talk a Walk!


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