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Why wait until New Year’s to think about losing weight when you can start now? Fall is a time of change – new season, new school year, and even a new lifestyle. Here are our fall weight loss tips!

Focus on You

Now that your children have returned to school, you’ll have more time to yourself. Losing weight requires you to focus and be present, which is much easier said than done. Take some time to reflect on your summer. What did you accomplish? Where can you improve? What were some of your highlights? Acknowledge where you need to improve, and be mindful next time you’re in that situation. If late-night snacks are your downfall, next time you reach for the fridge, stop and ask yourself: “Why am I eating now?” The extra focus may be the willpower you need to walk away when you aren’t physically hungry.

Revamp Your Grocery List

Encourage healthy eating among your whole family this fall. Small changes add up to big health benefits. Skip the variety bags of chips and load up your cart on a variety of fruit instead. Apples, bananas, and berries are more filling and pack a bigger nutritional punch! Tip: Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store where the freshest foods are stored. The more processed, fattening foods are typically found in the middle aisles.

Plan Your Meals

You probably have your children’s fall schedules written down on in a calendar, and this strategy can work with your meals. If you plan your meals, you won’t be as likely to run to the nearest fast-food restaurant in a hurry to feed your busy family. It’s easier than you think. If you cook in bulk, one meal can feed your family two or more nights of the week. So if you plan it right, you may only need to cook three meals per week. Check out our healthy weight loss friendly recipes the whole family will love!

Take Advantage of the Weather

Sweltering summer days are almost behind us, making room for the crisp fall air. Take advantage of it.

Fall Weight Loss TipsHiking: Plan a hiking trip to see the leaves change and enjoy some quality time with nature. You’ll pump up your heart rate too! One hour of hiking can burn between 400 and 550 calories depending on your height, weight, and difficulty of the hike. Don’t be intimidated—you’ll be too busy enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air to realize you’re working up a sweat!
Here are our fall weight loss tipsApple Picking: Not only does apple picking make for a fun day trip and arm workout—you would be surprised by the effectiveness the repetitive arm lifting and apple picking motion—but you will have no shortage of healthy fruit to snack on for weeks! Keep your apples outside of the fridge, in a clear bowl. You are more likely to snack on healthier foods if you see them first.
Fall Weight Loss TipsGarden: Take your apple picking a step further and pick up a gardening hobby. Fall is great time to start! Beets, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, and spinach will be at their peaks, and your garden will keep you motivated to experiment and regularly cook with these nutrient-dense veggies. Bonus: All that work you’ll be doing pulling weeds will burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour.
Fall Weight Loss TipsSign up for a race: Fall is a great time to set a short-term fitness goal. Sign up for a race now to complete in the next few months. Whether you are up for a 1-mile race or a 3-mile race, the mild temperatures make for a great time to be training outside. You may find you become addicted to the feel-good endorphins that come with regular physical activity, which will help you reach your weight loss goals.
Fun Fall Weight Loss Tips You'll LoveGo on a bike ride: If your bike has been collecting dust in your garage, fall is great time to dust it off and get pedaling. Cycling is a fun, relaxing way to explore new areas of your hometown, along with a great workout. Grab a buddy, map a route, and enjoy your ride!
Our Medical Weight Loss for Life plan can help you end the battle with weight for life. As medical providers, we offer you what other diets can not. Unlike other commercial weight loss programs, we are trained in bariatric (obesity) medicine. We offer you a non-surgical comprehensive medical approach from initial evaluation to monitoring your progress. Our program is successful for both men and women. You CAN lose 5% of your body weight in just the first 3 weeks of our program. Call us today to learn more, or email us!

It’s Time to Win the Weight Loss Battle….For LIFE!

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