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A Focus on Successful Weight Loss

Hypnosis Weight Loss

“Weight loss, we’ve done it over and over, but it never seems to stick. Did you ever wonder why? Most of the time, when people are “dieting” they are focused on counting. They are counting calories, points, pounds and steps. Of course this will work, as long as they keep counting, but as soon as they stop and revert to their “comfortable” way of living, they start gaining weight again.



A Matter of Focus

Focus instead on the problem. The problem is what you consider a good life. If you think that a “good time” is sitting in front of the TV watching football or binging on “House of Cards” while you’re enjoying your favorite munchies, then you’re in trouble. This does not mean that you have to eliminate all TV or snacks. You simply have to realize that your health depends upon what you eat and what you do. So sitting around drinking Coke or Pepsi, eating chips or other comfort foods will only help you gain more weight. Hypnosis can help you make the happy choice to eat the right foods, and enjoy them, and that will maintain the weight that is right for your body. What surprises most people when they begin to do this, is how great they feel and how much energy they have.

We all have different “triggers” that get us to eat the things that lead to weight gain. Some people cannot resist chips, for others it’s ice cream. Four o’clock in the afternoon is one of the most common times when energy is depleted and people grab the first and easiest thing to give them the energy to continue their day.

Hypnosis Weight Loss

How can hypnosis help you find the solution to your weight problem? Hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind. That is the 88% of your mind where you hold your beliefs, make and change habits, remember everything from the beginning of your existence and controls how you think and feel. When working with Mary Ellen, you will learn the real value of what you are eating now and she will give you ideas as to how to substitute healthy foods and beverages that are not only good for you, but taste good also. Before hypnosis you will know the suggestions that will be incorporated into your hypnosis so that you can be sure that your mind will accept these suggestions. The subconscious mind will not accept ideas with which it does not agree. You may or may not remember the actual hypnosis session and that is fine; your subconscious mind will. One client who used to eat sugar out of the sugar bowl found it strange that after her first hypnosis she no longer craved sugar, but was craving vegetables. She may have forgotten the hypnotic suggestions, but her subconscious mind did not.

Special attention is given to food preparation and learning new recipes that taste good and are good for you. How to control portion size when at home or eating out is also discussed and most importantly you will be taught how to eat and live mindfully so that you can have a deeper appreciation of your life and every aspect of it.”

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