Time to put your smart phone through a good health workout! We’ve looked around for some fun and easy apps to help you stay on track to a healthier life!

Help App to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

by SmokeFree.gov

Quitting smoking is tough. Now, smokefree.gov is offer the SmokefreeTXT app. A mobile text messaging service designed for adults and young adults across the United States who are trying to quit smoking. Available 24/7 for encouragement, advice, and tips. Sign up today at smokefree.gov/smokefreetxt

App Eat Local

Eat Local

by SmartTools

Eating healthily is eating well, and fresh, local ingredients make for the best-tasting and healthiest dining. To help you find out what’s in season in your state, locate nearby farmers’ markets anywhere in the United States, and check out seasonal recipes, NRDC created Eat Local, the quickest way to put the freshest food on your table. Download the app from iTunes.

App Fooducate


by fooducate.com

Fooducate’s scientific algorithms grade each product and provide simple, concise explanations.
Grading system developed by scientists, dietitians and concerned parents. Download the app for iPhone and Android Here.

App My Fitness Pal


by My Fitness Pal.com

Now you can log your food and exercise wherever and whenever you’d like – even if you can’t get to a computer.

MyFitnessPal is always at your finger tips. The app work with their website so you have access to the same comprehensive database of over 2,000,000 foods and restaurant items. Any changes you make on your phone will be synchronized to the web and vice versa — so you always have complete and up-to-date access to your account. Download the app for iPhone, iPad and Android Here.

Shop Well Mobile App

Shop Well

by Shop Well.com

Shop Well is a healthy grocery lists and food scanner! Build a healthier grocery list by scanning product bar codes directly onto your phone. Shop Well then ranks the products between 1 and 100 based on nutritional value. Download the app for iPhone, iPad and Android Here.

Mobile Journaling tool

Gratitude Journal

by HappyTrapper.com

At Family Medicine Associates, it’s more than about your food and exercise, it’s about having a healthy mind as well. This app is a mobile journaling tool. Every day, it asks users to write down at least five things they’re grateful for. There’s also an option to add photos and ratings and even track the weather. At the end of one month, see if your attitude hasn’t improved.Download the app for iPhone, iPad and Android Here.

For a list of many of the top apps for health and fitness, check out Greatist.com.

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