Medical Laser Hair Removal

Medical Laser & Rejuvenation

Looking great and feeling great about your body are key to a happier and healthier life. Family Medicine Associates announces Medical Laser & Rejuvenation services! For both men and women, all of our procedures are preformed by the medical providers here at Family Medicine Associates.

Benefits of Hair Removal

Medical Laser Hair Removal• Permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth over large areas (back, chest, arms, legs) and more.
• Large areas can be treated at one time unlike with electrolysis, waxing or tweezing.
• Does not cause the irritation that other removal methods may cause.

Hair Removal for Women

Permanent Hair Removal from Family Medicine Associates
• Advanced laser hair removal treatment is safe, fast and gentle.
• Unwanted hair growth due to hormonal imbalances respond well to laser hair removal.
• Laser mechanism cools as the follicle is destroyed, minimizing side effects.

Why Choose Medical Laser & Rejuvenation?

Medical Laser & Rejuvenation for men and women• All our procedures are performed by the medical providers at Family Medicine Associates.
• Initial evaluation of your skin type, medical history, medications to achieve optimal results.
• Financing options available through CareCredit.


How does laser hair removal work?
For men and women, getting rid of unwanted hair growth can can be a nightmare, and painful. Today, advanced medical lasers and light systems provide the ultimate solution. This technology transcends the older painful treatments and delivers longer lasting results. Our Starlux Palomar laser can achieve optimal results. As the laser “sees” the pigment in the hair, it targets the hair in follicle, destroying the follicle.

  • Advanced laser hair removal treatment is safe, fast and gentle.
  • Treat large and small areas: back, shoulders, arms, legs, face, neck and ears.
  • Does not cause the irritation that other hair removal methods may cause.
  • Laser mechanism cools as the follicle is destroyed, minimizing side effects.
What are the treatments like?
Here at Family Medicine Associates, our laser hair removal services are performed by our medical professionals. Your treatment will consist of:

  • Patients should shave the area desired for treatment prior to their visit.
  • You initial visit will consist of a review of your medical history and medications.
  • We will review your skin type to determine the optimal treatment plan and laser parameters.
  • We will place a spot test to observe your reaction and adjust for the optimal strength and depth of the laser pulse.
  • Depending on the area and the denseness of the hair, topical anesthetics will be applied as needed, although most often, the cooling mechanism of the laser head is enough. Some patients describe the sensation of the laser as a momentary snap from a rubber band.
  • Any discomfort lessens for each treatment as the number of hair follicles are reduced.
  • After your treatment, you can immediately return to your normal activities. The use of sunscreen is recommended for exposed treated areas for 48 hours.
Hair Color & Tanning
As the laser “sees” pigment to destroy the follicle, the area for removal needs to have dark hair. In our opinion, patients should never be tanned.

Just as the melanin pigment in your hair absorbs the laser light, having a tan will increase the risk of burning. Patients with darker complexions, of African or East Indian ancestry, may be at increased risk of burning with laser hair removal. Although our Palomar laser is FDA approved for all skin types, it may not be optimal for darker complexions.

We will carefully determine your skin type during your initial visit.

How many treatments will I need?
Laser Hair Removal is effective on almost any area of the body where smoother, hair-free skin is desired. The laser targets the pigment of hair in follicles that are actively growing. At any one time, 30% of the hairs are in that growth phase. It is necessary to have regularly repeated treatments to achieve permanent reduction.

  • Treatments at 4-6 week intervals.
  • A total of 6-10 treatments will achieve optimal results.

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