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“Looking Great and Feeling Great.”

Medical Laser & Rejuvenation

Looking great and feeling great about your body are key to a healthier life. For men and women, Family Medicine Associates announces Medical Laser & Rejuvenation services! All of our procedures are preformed by the medical providers here at Family Medicine Associates.

Our Services

Family Medicine Associates Services
• Look Younger
• Improve Skin Tone
• Reduce Acne Scars
• Reduce Stretch Marks
• Reduce Fine Wrinkles
Micro-needling is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks and also improves the overall texture, tone and color of the skin. This new treatment reverses years of sun damage and reduces the signs of aging … almost anywhere on your body – legs, arms, stomach, back, face, hands and more.
Medical Laser Hair Removal• Permanently Reduce Unwanted Hair Growth
• Preferred over waxing, shaving and Electrolysis (see:
• For Men & Women
Today, Medical Laser Hair Removal can permanently reduce hair growth from both large areas and small by destroying the hair follicle. This technology transcends the older painful treatments and delivers longer lasting results. Our Starlux Palomar laser can achieve optimal results on large areas from the back, to small areas on the upper lip and ears.
Permanent Hair Removal from Family Medicine Associates• Fade Brown Spots
• Improve Skin Texture
• Reduce Large Pores and Fine Wrinkles
• Reduce Superficial Blood Vessels
Photo rejuvenation uses a specialized laser called Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Over a series of treatments, IPL fades the brown spots caused by the sun, improves skin texture, fine wrinkles and reduces pore size. IPL energy is absorbed just underneath the skin and allows for gentle and gradual improvement with minimal side effects and NO DOWN TIME!
Medical Laser Rejuvenation
• Botox®
• Juvéderm®
• Latisse®


Our medical professionals provide cosmetic services for men and women. Learn about how Botox® and Juvéderm XC® can improve frown lines, smooth wrinkles and folds. And, for the treatment of lashes, with real last growth, Latisse® can add length, thickness and darkness.

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